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Oh No The Disrupt Stones Throw • 2004

It seems like October is Oh Noctober this year. With heavy contributions to the Kazi album (B9000 records!), the upcoming Declaime full length and the release of 'The Disrupt'. This is Oh No’s first album on the fantastic Stones Throw label. Of course Oh No’s heavily influenced by the whole Oxnard sound, that is determined by Madlib and Kankick, but since the Kaliwild days he’s trying to create his own style.

'Brother of the illest beat conductor Madlib but don’t judge me by it', so we won’t. The beats are energetic, electronic samples but most of all deep crazy bass lines. A typical Oh No beat is 'Break' with a pumping bass and an electro funk loop. Oh Nuckle flows with a passion; he 'rides' the rhythm and stays fresh throughout the whole album. A very funky, soulful piece is 'I Can’t Help Myself' with a lovely Stacy Epps. Oh No proves to be skilled in the art of producing but there’s no way you can look besides the tracks of guest producers Jay Dee, Madlib and Kankick. Dilla laces a synth symphony over a bumpin bass, not his best beat ever but definitely remarkable. Also remarkable is the comparison between guest MC Roc C and Lloyd Banks: 'fresh from the guttaaaah'. Beautiful is 'Every Section', another Madlib top production and one of his best cuts on the LP. The beat of the weed anthem 'Take Another' is crafted by Kankick and sounds fantastic, the dialogue between Oh Nizzle and the blunted voice of ‘Quasimoto’s brother’ is sublime!

'The Disrupt' is definitely not the best Stones Throw album but it’s a good LP with nice beats and very nice rhyming skills. Can't help thinking that Oh No gave some of his best beats to other artists though.

POSTED ON 10|16|2004 by cpf

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