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Kazi The Plague B9000 • 2004

After dropping the first Stonesthrow single ever, 'Down for the Kaz', Kazi returns on Belgian label B9000 Records with his debut album. It’s not because we’re straight outta Belgium too (we try to stay objective), but this album is dope, dope, dope! First of all, Kazi is one hell of an emcee with a sharp tongue, spittin fast lyrics. Secondly, Oh No’s production is fantastic ànd much more convincing than on his own 'The Disrupt' album. The unofficial Kaliwild reunion seems to have brought the best out of each other.

'Pressure' is the lead single of the album and sounds real dope. It’s a fantastic opener and from here on, the quality never falls back. The second song 'Sick with the Art' features Declaime and one of the dopest MC’s on the Left Coast: Medaphoar. The song has a terrific bass line, a mysterious loop and great samples scratched to it. Also mystic is the singing on the Oriental-like 'L.O.V.E.' by Emanon member Aloe Blacc. A L.O.V.E.L.Y. song, dedicated to that one special woman. Real dope is 'Check it Out' with some creative sampling, backwards loop recording and, with Wildchild as guest MC, the mics are on fire! 'Tha Ones' is, again, some unique producing; Oh No seems to enjoy himself, explores new frontiers and leaves a mark on this album. Check out the beat of the last song 'Escape from Ox' and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Conclusions: Kazi is one hell of an emcee, Oh No is a superb beat smith and B9000 is a class-act label with a sense for superb underground hip-hop!

POSTED ON 10|15|2004 by cpf

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