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Jedi Mind Tricks Legacy of Blood Babygrande • 2004

Philly based group Jedi Mind Tricks is becoming veterans in the game, in 1996 already, they dropped the 'Amber Probe EP'. Last year’s album was a great LP with a Latin vibe; it was a perfect post-summer album that we banged constantly. At the same time of year, Jedi Mind drops their fourth album. This album is JMT to the fullest. Very musical beats with mostly strings and guitars reflecting a melancholic, heroic, almost apocalyptic atmosphere.

Vinnie Paz’s raw voice and philosophical, revolutionary lyrics with heroic metaphors are straight from the heart. He talks about historical figures like Alexander the Great, Abraham, King Charles and Jesus, spits lines like 'I’m the divine science of the sound and the light' Out here, we call that hardcore! Jedi Mind’s music is full of emotions, in lyrics as well as in beats. Vinnie Paz spits aggression and is ready to take over: 'we coming for blood!'. 'Scars Of The Crucifix' is a view on today’s international politics, society and religion 'they wanna tell you that Islam are the dangerous, when everybody knows that Christians are the blame for it'. JMT provocate everything that even smells like authority: 'I’m deceiving the law, that’s why I’m fuckin here for'. The track 'Saviorself', with Killah Priest, brings the typical Jedi sound, especially from the last LP. It contains a beautiful, mystic guitar lick touching the deeps of the soul, just like 'On the Eve of War' (featuring another Wu member, GZA). Another great track is 'The Philosophy Of Horror' with guitars and a mystic voice sample. True to the game, they also dig in the history of rap. You hear samples by KRS One, Lord Finesse, AG, Inspectah Deck and Vinnie Paz mentions the Hilltop Hustlers and Slick Rick, a.o. There’s also shout outs to Non Phixion and Necro: 'this is our fuckin year!'

Hardcore, mystic rap with a soul, straight from the heart!

POSTED ON 10|03|2004 by cpf

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