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J-Zone A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work Old Maid / Fat Beats • 2004

One year after the critically acclaimed 'Sick of Bein Rich' the Zone is back with a new album. This means: more hilariousness, funny punch lines and J-Zone’s unique style of producing. The chopped up, twisted, crazy samples are up there again, with the down tempo neck-twisting beats. This album is J-Zone at his best, there are no special guests like King Tee, J-Ro or Masta Ace, but Celph Titled is back and also partners-in-crime Dick Stallion and Al-Shid.

J-Zone drops his sarcastic view on alcohol ('Lightweight RMX'), politics ('Bullshit City'), the music industry, basketball and hoes. The first single of the album, 'A Friendly Game of Basketball', (title inspired on Large Pro’s hit) is a cynical complaint on the issue that rappers wanna be ballers and ballers wanna be rappers. Nelly, Bow Wow, Kobe Bryant is mentioned, but J-Zone remains polite: 'I’m just lookin for attention by calling your name'. 'Greater Later' features Devin the Dude, the West Coast player joins Zone on a great track with superb production. Swirling bleeps, a chopped guitar lick and a flat bass. Hilarious (Dick Stallion’s imitation of Pharrell and Ja Rule) and straight 21st century funk is the track 'Disco Ho', J-Zone’s second club hit-to-be after the 'Too Many Babies'-cut on the previous album. Other favourites: 'Heavy Metal' featuring Al-Shid and 'The Zone Report' where J-Zone runs a quick overview on his career over a delicious beat with electronic samples and a chopped soul voice.

Zone’s production evolves every album, so this means on the production tip 'A Job Ain’t Nuthing But Work' is even better than the fantastic 'Sick of Bein Rich'. On the lyrical tip things are tight and crazy like they ever were, where’s this gonna end? On the MTV Awards right between Chrisitina Aguilera and J Lo, maybe? CPF says it’s a 2004 highlight!

POSTED ON 09|20|2004 by cpf

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