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Wildchild The Jackal EP Industry • 2004

One year after Wildchild’s debut solo album, Industry Records drops this 5-track EP. His sophomore project features productions by Kankick (the intro), Madlib (4 tracks), Oh No (1 track) and the Jackal himself (also 1 track).

Daughter Kiana plays host and speaks to the masses in the intro, which has a fantastic Kanzulu production. Wildchild sets it off on his self-produced 'Heart Surgery', an up-tempo track with a fat funk break. Damn, what’s in the Oxnard water? The title track is a typical Madlib cut with an obscure soul loop and a mystic voice sampled to it. Wildchild’s flow is still on point and he proves to be the party MC of the group Lootpack, adding some hooks to the songs. 'Fallen Soldiers' is a reminiscing track about the lost of a homie. The beat has a deep, melancholic sound and reminds of Dudley Perkins’ track 'The Light'. Crew mates Medaphoar and Dudley Perkins guest star on 'All Night', the get-down track of the EP with M-E-D proving that he’s one hell of a rhymespitter.

People who enjoyed listening to the Wildhild album and heads who feel the Stones Throw discography must check out this fine EP. It's essential material for the fans, don't let it pass you by, because you won't come it across that often!

POSTED ON 09|04|2004 by cpf

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