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Viktor Vaughn VV 2: Venomous Villain Insomnia • 2004

The darker, more experimental side of MF Doom has stepped up again with the follow-up to his 2003 debut. This time the album’s much shorter but what a banger! Vaughn’s lyricism is superb once again, the ill cinematographic skits are there and the production is bananas.

Psychedelic, high-quality sound pieces with a twist of old-school and bugged out noises and lots of effects are all over. An exception on the album is the beautiful song 'R.A.P. Game' which is a straight piano loop and sounds very 'contemporary' (instead of futuristic). Manchild drops some nice rhymes but Vaughn rips the mic and proves his style stands out. The play with words, the rhyme schemes, the incredible metaphors and the imagery is seldom seen in the rap game (Vast Aire is one of today’s mc’s who comes close). He’ll drop poetry 'the trickle of linger and hate will refuse to get tickled by the fickle finger of fate', braggin writes 'shields up, dum-dum, where we come from we thump it out for fun and that’s no cannon drum' and rhetorical life questions 'What’s in the stew if the flue is in the chicken?', with a touch of humour, coolness and street attitude.

This album is a direct reflection of quality 21st century hip-hop and it’s also nice to see that two lyrical geniuses have finally found each other on a track. Doper skiller! Vinyl heads have to wait a few month as this is a CD-only release, for now!

POSTED ON 08|01|2004 by cpf

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