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Slum Village Detroit Deli (A Taste Of...) Capitol • 2004

Since they dropped the magnificent album Fantastic vol 1 (who has never really released until last year) and the classic volume 2 album, the pressure’s been high for these cats. And with Jay Dee leaving, things looked disastrous for the group. However it need to be said that the second (official) album had few weak points and could stand the test of time. The new album 'Detroit Deli' is less consistent, it has some strong cuts but a lot of songs sound corny or too jiggy.

'Selfish', the lead single, features Kanye West and only looks good on MTV. 'Zoom' is annoying just like 'It’s On' (dirty South shit) and 'Keep Holding On' (especially the singing). 'Dirty' featuring Dirt McGirt aka Ol Dirty Bastard is not bad but you would expect more from this deadly funky combination as ODB forgets to drop some lines. Enough of the negative, let’s focus on the good points: this album contains some of the fattest tracks ever made by the group: 'Things We Do' is superb, a fat bass line, heavy drums and a hallucinating loop, Slum to the Villa at its best. 'Old Girl/Shining Star' is a beautiful, girl-friendly track with sparkling piano samples and a cute soul voice in the background. The closing track 'Reunion' with Jay Dee is magic. Class hip-hop with a melancholic sample, slammin snares and Dilla dropping some fresh funn(k)y lines 'get the balls like Venus at Wimbledon' or 'peace to all of my peeps that rep more D than 12 Eminems', go Dilla !!

'Detroit Deli' is not the group’s (who is now T3 and Elzhi) best work but at the same time it has a a few tracks crying for a spot on Slum’s greatest hits album.

POSTED ON 07|07|2004 by cpf

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