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Encore Layover Hiero Imperium • 2004

Coming straight from the Bay Area, this Executive Lounge member flipped the script a few years ago with his banging debut LP 'Self Preservation'. Excellent West Coast vibes and banging beats (you had to buy the CD to catch the awesome Joey Chavez bonus track, though). Encore’s voice has a unique timbre and his flow is flawless.
Again, on this second LP he shines. The album was released a few months ago but I’m still playing it on a regular basis. Encore aka The Essence is on point and the production is even more consistent than on the first album. Top class producers like Jake One, Vitamin D and Architect laced the dopest cuts. The opening track 'Layover' (by Jake One, who produced most of the album) is a headnodder with a smashing snare, pumpin bass line and mystic soul voices (to be precisely it’s the voices from Ajijia Myrayebe’s song 'Cohet'). Another smasher is 'Essentially Yours', fantastic samples, an awesome bass and a kickin snare; this is Jake One at his best. The album has a Hieroglyphics influence: first and foremost, it’s released on their label and, secondly, members Opio, A Plus and Pep Love (on the great 'City Livin') join on some songs. Another guest is Canada’s finest, Arcee, who joins on the majestic 'Chocolat Popcorn'.

Encore’s second album is even better than his smashing debut album, so no need to say this is one of the best albums of 2004! W-w-west Coast!

POSTED ON 06|06|2004 by cpf

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