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Deca dives in the subconscious:
Deca dives in the subconscious:'I think the whole universe is inside of us'''The ocean is one of the most familiar symbols of the unconscious mind', Deca explains his fourth album's title. The New York lyricist is fascinated by our 'inner universe'. 'For the world to change, it would take an inner revolution'. Deca quotes Herman Hesse.'POSTED 09|21|2013
Rich Quick being himself:
Rich Quick being himself:'My art is my entire life.''It seems in the past year and a half, Rich Quick the artist has finally swallowed up the actual person. I dedicate most of my life to my career. So to me, especially now, my art is very much my entire life. It makes for some great songs. 'POSTED 07|26|2013
Factor on new LP:
Factor on new LP:'It's a light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel'-dark album.''Tragic, death, grief. We all have to deal with it in life. In the sacred year 1969, American-Swiss therapist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross hypothesized five stages of grief. Little would she know then forty-four years later, a Canadian producer would use her theory as an inspiration source for a concept album. 'POSTED 07|15|2013
Spends Quality:
Spends Quality:'A lot of MC's think they are God's gift to this world.''Bay Area lyricist and Sonicbloom member Spends Quality's music is a bulk of positivity. Filled with tips to enhance your life's quality -'pay attention to that inner voice', flirting with nature -'when you reach the ocean, it's pure emotion'- , and a zest of escapism.'POSTED 06|08|2013
Ryan Lynch, founder Man Bites Dog Records:
Ryan Lynch, founder Man Bites Dog Records:'We make records for collectors''Having a label nowadays is not a sinecure. But somebody got to do it, right? Ryan Lynch, CEO of Man Bites Dog, is an entrepreneur pur sang with passion, guts and a vision.'POSTED 06|04|2013
Notes To Self:
Notes To Self:'Sky's The Limit''Who knows what we'd create as solo artists or how far we'd push ourselves, if we weren't in a group, if we didn't have the next man pushing to make the dopest joint possible. No rules in this shit anymore. 'POSTED 05|29|2013
Illogic captures the sun:
Illogic captures the sun:'Just as the sun rises and falls, so do situations of life.'''You always have to look forward to the next rise. I hope that my music and life is an example of that.' Illogic loves imagery. With word play, proverbs, metaphors and double layers, the Columbus, Ohio lyricist challenges the listener.'POSTED 05|09|2013
Mic Handz handles business:
Mic Handz handles business:'I try to do more, and think less.''I honestly have to keep a television going on to find sleep or to distract my mind from plotting and planning. It has become a second nature to me.'POSTED 04|12|2013
Zilla Rocca around the clock:
Zilla Rocca around the clock:'I'm addicted to being productive''Gifted in the art of noir rap, Philly representative and Wreckin Crew member Zilla Rocca draws inspiration from stories, whether it's crime or comic books, Scorsese flicks or forgotten films.'POSTED 03|27|2013
Hen Boogie got beats:
Hen Boogie got beats:'I'm obsessed with making my collection on point''A show somewhere in the nineties. Someone tells Biz Markie that the youngster of the group performing at the same venue, 'got beats'. Biz, known for his vast record collection, doesn't hesitate. 'Biz just verbalized it and gave it to me for hours.' DJ Hen Boogie, the youngster, explains. 'POSTED 02|13|2013

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