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Aceyalone:'People always want you to appear in the box they see you through.'''Action' is Aceyalone's eleventh album. His fourth with L.A. producer Bionik. More figures: it's been twenty years since the first Project Blowed album appeared. It was on the tenth anniversary record that Bionik and Aceyalone worked together for the first time. 'POSTED 04|12|2015
DJ JS-1:
DJ JS-1:'It's a timeless culture, when it's pure.''I don't use a million plug-ins, I don't mix it too clean like a digital R&B album, and never ever try to make what you think others are doing to be successful, or follow a trend. 'There's a sign at the door no biting allowed'. Just do what we love, and since we're hip-hop, we just make hip-hop.'POSTED 11|12|2014
Sadistik:'Writing sad music makes me happy.''It's a paradox many artists have to deal with: dark songs bring lightness to the heart. Why is it that writing about melancholy and the infinite sadness makes you feel good? Aristotle explained it as 'catharsis'. The Beatles advised: 'take a sad song and make it better.' And Sadistik made a discography out of it. 'POSTED 08|20|2014
The Grouch & Eligh:
The Grouch & Eligh:'The Tortoise And The Crow Represent Yin And Yang''The animals represent a yin and yang as well. Our tones compliment each other, our physical appearance works, our thought processes reflect that. It also touches on our longevity in this game and how our subject matter continues to elevate.'POSTED 03|04|2014
Praverb & The 4 P's:
Praverb & The 4 P's:'Focus on your fans and they will extend your career.''All the energy that goes into marketing an album, fizzles out after the release date. I try to empower artists to focus on extending the exposure for their album by spreading out the release of content. Artists have to remember that when your album is released a lot of people will hear your music. 'POSTED 01|21|2014
Asheru on African identity:
Asheru on African identity:'In US media, Africans are portrayed as primitive.'''Sleepless In Soweto is a love letter to South Africa'. That's how Asheru describes his first solo album in years. In fact: it's a love letter to African identity. Featuring rap artists with roots from Nigeria to Ethiopia, the LP was recorded during his travels between his native Washington DC and the Mother Continent.'POSTED 11|20|2013
louis logic:
louis logic:'I think our music deserves better.''I've loved plenty of songs like that in my years of listenership, but I'm asking for more. If you loved something or someone you'd want more for them. I think our music deserves better. We are at the forefront of what is possibly lyrically in the music of our time. Don't you think content like that deserves farther reaching arrangements to go with it? 'POSTED 11|12|2013
Alterbeats accuses:
Alterbeats accuses:'Whether Paris or New York: we're losing the soul of the city.''With his new album, French producer Alterbeats focuses on the current global economic crisis. Whether rich or poor, you can be a fan of hip-hop. But being rich or poor from a socio-economic point-of-view makes a big difference. 'Paris is really similar to NYC. If you don't have big money, it's really tough to live out here.''POSTED 10|21|2013
Geoff Wilkinson, front man Us3:
Geoff Wilkinson, front man Us3:'Bambaata's 'Jazzy Sensation' legitimized my thinking.'''Feel the beat drop, jazz and hip-hop'. Twenty years ago, Us3 released 'Cantaloop', a track that rushed the billboards and made the album 'Hand On The Torch' the first Blue Note record to go platinum.'POSTED 10|10|2013
Small Professor proves with Guilty:
Small Professor proves with Guilty:'We have a pretty swell chemistry''Philly producer Small Professor caught our attention with his 2012 compilation 'Gigantic vol. 1'. The album featured Detroit lyricist Guilty -'I sit on the end at the movies and let my feet stick out'- Simpson. Now, the Professor and Guilty team up for the 10-track record 'Highway Robbery'.'POSTED 09|30|2013

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