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KON Sci and beyond:
KON Sci and beyond:'I like thinking about my role in the universe.''Uptill now KON Sci has been gathering underground praise with the group MindsOne. Now, the North Carolina MC/producer seizes the opportunity to reveal more of himself in his debut solo 'And Beyond' on SoulSpazm. 'POSTED 02|01|2013
Latyrx is back
Latyrx is back'The challenge has been about spiritually reconnecting on what Latyrx is.''Althoug they never quit the game, it took Bay Area's Lyrics Born and Lateef the Truth Speaker fifteen years to release another project together: 'Disconnection' EP, followed by 'The Second Album' in 2013...'POSTED 12|03|2012
Jai Nitai Lotus
Jai Nitai Lotus'Spirituality is a part of everyone, but it needs to be awoken''When you run into an animated discussion here in Belgium, there's two subjects you're gonna talk about: crisis and language. Being an independent, English-speaking MC/producer from Canada, Montreal, Jai Nitae knows all about it. Being creative, expressive and spiritual helps him to tackle these issues.'POSTED 11|26|2012
Cadence casts his vote (pt 2)
Cadence casts his vote (pt 2)'Obama knows it's his last term, so he just has to get things done.'''We know in our hearts that the best is yet to come', Obama speeched right after. So what do they, the American people, think? Is the best yet to come? Is hope still housing in their hearts? And how divided is the US really?'POSTED 11|19|2012
JR&PH7The Good Life According To JR&PH7'We are happy for everybody who likes our music and supports it in any way, but we are realistic enough to know where we are at in the big picture. It seems that we might not have millions of fans but the people who do make an effort to check for our music, all seem to be quite happy about it...'POSTED 11|05|2012
AWARNature's Laws'‘I grew up in Upstate NY. So I'm used to going through all the four seasonal changes every year. You get to see the whole life cycle throughout the course of a year when you’re in NY. Everything dies and has a rebirth. I just find nature to be powerful and intriguing and it applies in many different ways.’'POSTED 10|23|2012
Zion I
Zion IDa Mystery Of Shadowboxing'Spiritual practices have helped me in my journey, and that's why I always write and talk about them. Meditation, prayer, helping others, working out, just striving to be a good person makes us feel better about who we are within.'POSTED 10|12|2012
DJ Fakts One
DJ Fakts OneBack With A Vengeance'When Akrobatik went down, it made me think of all the times and memories we had together. I started to think about legacies and what that means. How our kids will see us, how fans see us, all that shit. He made me realize that life is a gift and that I don't have time to waste.'POSTED 09|27|2012
DJ Vadim
DJ VadimMr Eclectic Electric'How come in rock you gonna have Thom Yorke do weird shit with Flying Lotus and everyone is cool with it and Radiohead is massive? But in hip-hop, I can't think of one major artist who is doing anything risky. It's like everyone is making the same shit, just the faces change.'POSTED 09|26|2012
Substance Abuse
Substance AbuseProfitless Thoughts'Nowadays people prefer music that is staid and devoid of feeling, because that somehow makes it seem realer to them. Hence the question we posed on the track with Tash: why do fools try to hate when your track has flava?'POSTED 09|06|2012

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