Asheru & Blue Black
Asheru & Blue Black 48 Months 7Heads • 2003

Yet again the 7Heads label has released a fine album and it’s becoming a quality standard in underground hip-hop. Peep it and watch out for more 7Heads products.

POSTED 04|03|2004
Main One
Main One Birth Of A Ghetto Child Select Street • 1995

The album is pretty much a collection of tales from the hood. Highlights on the album are the title song 'Birth of the Ghetto Child' with a nice piano lick, heavy bass drum and the infamous 'Life as a shorty' Inspectah Deck-sample. Hypnotic, Pete Rock funk is '4 My Shorties'.

POSTED 04|03|2004
The Cenobites
The Cenobites The LP Fondle Em • 1996

Craziness on 'Rhymes I Sniff aka Carlos Died', a spacey hardcore beat with aggressive lyrics. In the same way is 'How the Fuck You Get A Record Deal', one of the most aggressive tracks against wack MC’s ever made in hip-hop.

POSTED 03|30|2004
Mr Lif
Mr Lif I Phantom Def Jux • 2002

This album is a piece of excellent music consisting of dark vibes, cynicism but also uplifting funk break hip-hop. Any negative elements are the length of the album and the fact that Vast Aire didn’t drop any rhymes. But hell, this album is one of the tightest of the 21st century and probably beyond.

POSTED 03|29|2004
Kwest Tha Madd Lad
Kwest Tha Madd Lad This Is My First Album American • 1996

The album is all about meeting girls and hittin skinz. A subject we’re always into. The songs are smooth and buttery without sounding too soft, just funky ass tracks with ill breaks. It has influences from A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Organized Konfusion but especially from West Coast’s finest Souls of Mischief and The Pharcyde.

POSTED 03|25|2004
Sound Providers
Sound Providers An Evening With... ABB • 2004

This album contains 6 instrumentals and 6 cuts with guest artists by the likes of Unspoken Heard’s Asheru, Oakland upcoming talents the Procussions, Wee Bee Foolish (Ken Boogaloo and Yesh), Little Brother, Maspyke and Soulo; a balanced mix between East and West Coast.

POSTED 03|22|2004
Madvillain Madvillainy Stones Throw • 2004

The album takes you away on a journey thru unconquered paradises 'to a land of milk and honey with the swirls where reckless naked girls get necklaces and pearls' Doom’s lyricism has never been tighter than on this album.

POSTED 03|21|2004
Apache Apache Ain't Shit Tommy Boy • 1991

One of the less famous albums that are issued on Tommy Boy, although it has sick rhymes, ill sex vocabulary and the craziest, funkiest beats, laced by the most talented beat smiths of the early 90’s. A Flavor Unit classic.

POSTED 03|08|2004
The UMC's
The UMC's Fruits Of Nature Wild Pitch • 1991

Listening to the album is like riding on a roller-coast: rollin drums, quick rhymes and short songs take you to the end in one motion. But it will have you reaching for the 'rewind'- button, because this album is good, real good.

POSTED 03|07|2004
Master Ace
Master Ace Take A Look Around Cold Chillin • 1990

Social activism, party and battle rhymes are the main ingredients of this album. Therefore, it pretty much shows us all aspects of hip-hop lyricism. Add the funky Marley Marl production to it, and you’ll gather this album is essential.

POSTED 03|06|2004

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